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Next 7 Days Bristol Events

  1. Shakespeare's Richard III (Apr 19) 6 days. Apr-12th to Apr-19th

     Thu, Apr 19th - Barter Theatre  Arts & Culture 0
    In a Unique Production adapted by Katy Brown ~~ The deceptive and sadistic Richard, Duke of Gloucester, stops at nothing to become King. With intelligence, political brilliance, and dazzling use of language, he keeps his subjects and rivals under his thumb.... you might even start to feel a little pressure yourself. Don’t miss this engaging and refreshing production in an original adaptation by Barter’s Shakespeare expert.~~ What is new and unique for this production? The Director Katy Brown shares her excitement, “For Richard III, we didn’t want a polite, passive night of theatre— we wanted to give people an experience they’ve never had before. One of the wonderful things about Richard III is how he comes from where we least expect him and how he spends the show wooing the audience, so we are putting the audience in the middle of the action. Much of the audience will sit on stage, and the action will take place all around them and even up in the seats with the rest of the audience. At the Globe in London, the actors often come into the audience area and do entire scenes— this is Shakespeare as it was intended: surprising, visceral, fun and dangerous.”~~ Download study guide. ~~ Director's Notes One of the most exciting things about Shakespeare’s take on Richard III is the way it changes: it shifts under your fingers, and it adjusts the way you see. In the midst of so much war between the houses of Lancaster and York, there is finally a moment of peace. Edward, Richard’s brother, has become King, and with a sigh of relief, the world puts down its swords. And then, from the most unexpected place, comes a voice we didn’t even know was there. Richard, who is barely in line for the throne (he has two brothers and two nephews in front of him), who is misshapen inside and out, who is hated even by his mother, who has never been considered in any way before, Richard speaks to us. He enlists us, woos us, and gets us to see the world as he sees it. He wins us and he wins the people around him to his side, and he makes sense of each action he takes to get the crown that he sees as rightfully his. He tells us where to look and what to believe—we are his confidants and his mirror. We are complicit in his every move; we cannot look away, even as his tactics shift darker and darker.~~ Let me be clear: I’m not after a well-behaved night at the theatre. I’m after something more fun and more liberating than that. I want to put you in the middle of the action and invite the unexpected among us. And if this goes as I hope, you will make friends with Richard, and he will change the way you see and the directions you look. He will unsettle and horrify you. He will make you laugh. And, perhaps, he may allow you see something about yourself and the people we allow to lead us that you hadn’t noticed before. Such is the power of perspective in Richard’s hands and in Shakespeare’s hands. Such is the power of perspective in your hands.~~ Cast & Credits Cast Richard the Duke of Gloucester: Andrew Hampton Livingston ~~ Clarence/Buckingham/Richmond/etc: Sean Maximo Campos ~~ Lord Hastings/Lady Anne/Tyrell/Blunt/etc: Kim Morgan Dean ~~ King Edward/Stanley/Duchess of York/Lord Mayor/etc: Tricia Matthews ~~ Queen Elizabeth/Catesby/etc: Paris Bradstreet ~~ Lord Rivers/Prince Edward/Brakenbury/Bishop of Ely/etc: Mary Lucy Bivins ~~ Queen Margaret/York/Ratcliff/etc: Hannah Ingram ~~ Collaborators Director: Katy Brown ~~ Set Designer: Derek Smith ~~ Costume Designer: Lee Martin ~~ Lighting Designer: Camille Davis ~~ Props Designer: Helen Stratakes ~~ Sounds Designer: Tony Angelini ~~ Fight Choreographer: Sean Maximo Campos ~~ Stage Manager: Sara Douglas ~~ Sponsor: In Memory of Gary Kimbrell by friends ~~ Photos Videos
  2. In the Heat of the Night (Apr 19) 7 days. Apr-7th to Apr-19th

     Thu, Apr 19th - Barter Theatre  Arts & Culture 0
    Action packed, exciting story; a tight and timely thriller; perfect piece of theatre.” ~~ Adapted by Matt Pelfrey based on John Ball’s Novel ~~ Based on the award-winning book that inspired the Oscar-winning film and the Emmy-winning television series. It’s 1962. A hot August night lies heavy over the small town of Argo, Alabama. A dead white man is discovered. The local police arrest a black stranger named Virgil Tibbs, but discover their prime suspect is a homicide detective from California. As it happens, Tibbs becomes the racially tense community’s only hope in solving a brutal murder that is turning up no witnesses, no motives, and no clues.~~ Director's Notes In the 1960’s racism prevailed throughout the country. The fear of change led to many violent acts in the name of heritage and tradition.~~ It is against this backdrop that In The Heat of the Night was born. We step into the shoes of Bill Gillespie and Virgil Tibbs and are taken on a journey that shakes each man to his core.~~ A murder is the catalyst that brings these two men together. Each man embodies the spirt of the time and must work through their own shortcomings and distrust to solve this heinous crime. Tibbs and Gillespie are locked in a struggle not only with the greater society but within their souls. As police officers they have a tremendous respect for the law. It is through this credo that their bond grows throughout the course of the play. It is a transformative work of art that through these characters we observe monumental change from distrust to mutual respect.~~ Like Tibbs and Gillespie, we must look within ourselves to resolve our prejudices and challenge our preconceived ideas and fears. Once this is achieved we will look for the similarities rather than differences and move toward a fuller appreciation of life.~~ Cast & Credits Cast Chief Gillespie: Rick McVey ~~ Virgil Tibbs: Amara James Aja ~~ Sam Wood: Justin Tyler Lewis ~~ Pete/Man in the Shadows: Zacchaeus Kimbrell ~~ Harvey Oberst/Purdy/Klansman #2: Nick Koesters ~~ Charles Tatum/Endicott/Al Jennings: Nicholas Piper ~~ Coroner/Mayor Schubert/Klansman #3: Michael Poisson ~~ Erick Kaufman/Ralph/Klansman #1: Sam McCalla ~~ Melanie Tatum: Sarah Laughland ~~ Noreen Purdy: Hope Quinn ~~ Collaborator Director: Jasper McGruder ~~ Set Designer: Hana Lee ~~ Lighting Designer: Andrew Morehouse ~~ Sound Designer: Miles Polaski ~~ Costume Designer: Ashley Campos ~~ Fight Captain: Justin Tyler Lewis ~~ Stage Manager: Cindi Raebel ~~ Corporate Sponsors: The Barter Theatre Board of Trustees ~~ Media Sponsors: ViaMedia ~~ Photos Videos
  3. Aesop's Fables (Apr 20) 8 days. Apr-10th to Apr-20th

     Fri, Apr 20th - Barter Theatre  Arts & Culture, Family & Education 0
    Book and lyrics by Catherine Bush~~ Music by Ben Mackel~~ Aesop is in trouble, and his only hope lies in his ability to weave fantastic stories with timeless lessons of truth. So it is that fables such as Androcles and the Lion, The Oak and the Reed, The Fox Without a Tail, The Beast in Love, The Hare and the Tortoise , and The Boy Who Cried Wolf are brought to life in this exciting, musical adventure.~~ Download study guide. ~~ Cast & Credits Cast: Aesop — Rusty Allen ~~ Guard, Shepherd Boy, The Wind, The Fox, Beast, Wolf, Sheep — Garrett T. Houston ~~ Calliope, Lesser Fox, Daughter — Katherine Lyle ~~ Xanthus — Shaan Sharma ~~ Lion, The Oak, Huntsman, Tortoise — Sarah Van Deusen ~~ Guard, The Reed, Lesser Fox, Hare, Priestess — Zoë Velling ~~ Collaborators: Director: Barrett Guyton ~~ Set Designer: Hana Lee ~~ Costumes Designer: Shea O'Neil ~~ Props Designer: Megan Pressley ~~ Lighting Designer: Patrick Hudson ~~ Choreographer: Katherine Lyle ~~ Music Director: Zacchaeus Kimbrell ~~ Music Captain: Zoë Velling ~~ Sound Designer: Matt Green ~~ Stage Manager: Isaac Krispin ~~ Associate Director of the Barter Players: Barrett Guyton ~~ Artistic Director of the Barter Players: Katy Brown ~~ Sponsors: The Harnsberger Family ~~ Media Sponsors: CW ~~ Photos
  4. Virginia Highlands Comic Con (Apr 21) 2 days. Apr-21st & Apr-21st

     Sat, Apr 21st - VA Highlands Community College  Family & Education, Arts & Culture, Sports & Recreation 0
    ~~ ~~  ~~ Comic Con Cinema | 10:00 - 10:55 am | ISC 130 ~~ Short horror films by Wolf Hills Studios: Containment, Last Laugh, Vampire's Wake ~~ Panel Discussion ~~ Self-publishing: A Labor of Love | 11:00 - 12:00 pm | ISC 130  ~~ Think writing a book is hard? That's only the beginning. How will your book be formatted? How do you legally protect your work?  Books don’t sell themselves, so what is your marketing plan?  These and other questions will be discussed in the panel discussion with:~~ William Van Huss - the author of Saucers Over Appalachia and The Mad Gasser of Botetourt County ~~ Ian Justice - the author of the children’s picture book series A Boy Named Ash ~~ Justin Trout - the author of the Enaya fantasy series ~~ Comic Books: The Art of the Business | 1:00 -2:00 pm | ISC 130~~ Discuss comic art skills, tech, and trends during the panel discussion with artist:~~ Gary Kwapisz  - an artist/writer/colorist who has worked for DC, Marvel and other comic book companies. He is well known for his work on Marvel’s,  Conan The Barbarian  and  The Punisher . He and writer, Chuck Dixon, have self-published the graphic novels,  Civil War Adventure 1 & 2 . ~~ Jeremy Massie - a cartoonist born in the Appalachian Mountains. He has drawn comics over a decade and has published 2 graphic novels, The Deadbeat and All My Ghosts . His current book Amazing Age was part of Alterna Comics' newsprint line and is being collected in trade paperback this May.~~ Brett Cook - a comic creator, painter, and kaiju fanatic. He self-publishes his comics and stays busy doing freelance illustration and design. Other comics he’s done include  Burst Reach, Shouting at the Void,  and  All of This Will Crumble ~~ ~~ Cosplay Contest | 2:00 pm | $5 ~~Sponsored by the Virginia Highlands Drama Club ~~ Interested in competing in the Virginia Highlands Comic Con Cosplay Contest? Please print the entry form to register, or you can also register at the door. ~~ There is a $5 entry fee. Pay at the door when you submit your form. Entry forms will also be available from 10 am until 1:30 pm at the entrance to the Keyser Aday Theatre in the LRC Building on the Virginia Highlands Campus. Any questions about costume rules, please refer to our cosplay policies.   ~~ There are no group entries.~~ One entry per person (cannot compete with two outfits); entries will be allowed the day of the event, April 21 until 1:30 PM~~ There are two age groups for contestants, 13 and under and 14 and up.~~ The 13 and under competition begins at 2 PM with the 14 and up contest following immediately. ~~ Please read the props policies located under the Cosplay Props Policy. ~~ Administration of Justice League Escape Room | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm  | $ ~~ Riddle me this - can you use the clues to escape . . .  or is this the end? ~~ Drone Simulator |  10:00 am - 4:00 pm   ~~ Test your piloting skills!~~ Card Games  |  10:00 am - 4:00 pm | $3      ~~ Sponsored by the VHCC Gaming Club~~ Magic: The Gathering Commander $3 entry fee per player~~ KID KON | Free ~~ For our younger geeks - ages 12 and under.  Must be accompanied by an adult.~~All activities are free~~ Spider-Man Bowling - for ages 3-9~~ Laser (twine) Maze   ~~ and more!~~  ~~ Visit Virginia Highlands Comic Con site for more details!
  5. BBQ & Music (Apr 22)

     Sun, Apr 22nd - VA Highlands Community College  Family & Education, Music 0
    ~~Featuring VHCC Old Time String Band & Drama Club Storytellers~~$10 for adults • $5 for kids~~Proceeds benefit White’s Mill~~~~
  6. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Apr 23) 4 days. Apr-23...

     Mon, Apr 23rd - VA Highlands Community College  Family & Education, Arts & Culture, Music, Church & Ministry 0
    A dark comedy from Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh (In Bruges). After months have passed without a culprit in her daughter's murder case, Mildred Hayes (Academy Award-winner Frances McDormand) makes a bold move, painting three signs leading into her town with a controversial message directed at William Willoughby (Woody Harrelson), the town's revered chief of police. When his second-in-command Officer Dixon (Sam Rockwell), an immature mother's boy with a penchant for violence, gets involved, the battle between Mildred and Ebbing's law enforcement is only exacerbated. (Rated R - 115 minutes)~~~~ Dates: Monday and Tuesday, April 23 and 24~~ Times: 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.~~ Cost: $7.75 Community Admission~~~~Download the complete Spring 2018 Arts Array Program at .~~ All Arts Array activities are free for the faculty, staff and students of Virginia Highlands Community College. Staff members and students of the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, including participants in the College for Older Adults who purchase an Arts Array pass, may attend all films and concerts in the Spencer-Miller Memorial Concert series at Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church for free. All films are free for students and staff members of Emory & Henry College and King University. For additional information about the Arts Array, please contact Tommy Bryant (276) 739-2451 regarding film and drama events and Mary Munsey (276) 739-2454 regarding concerts~~
  7. Alice in Wonderland (Apr 24) 19 days. Apr-24th to May-26th

     Tue, Apr 24th - Barter Theatre  Arts & Culture, Family & Education 0
    Adapted from Lewis Carroll by Catherine Bush~~ When Alice chases the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole, she tumbles into a curious world with a zany cast of characters including the Mad Hatter, a grinning Cheshire Cat, a mischievous Caterpillar, and the imperious Queen of Hearts. This brand new adaptation of a timeless classic celebrates the wonder of imagination – a must see for the whole family!~~ Download study guide. ~~ Cast & Credits CAST: Alice: KATHERINE LYLE ~~ Lorina/ Mad Hatter/ Two of Hearts: SARAH VAN DUESEN ~~ Freddy/ Cheshire Cat/ Knave of Hearts: RUSTY ALLEN ~~ Mama/ Pigeon/ March Hare/ Queen of Hearts: ZOE VELLING ~~ Papa/ Oarsman/ Caterpillar/ King of Hearts: SHAAN SHARMA ~~ Uncle Charles/ White Rabbit/ Mushroom: GARRETT T. HOUSTON ~~ Collaborators: Director: SUSANNE BOULLE ~~ Stage Manager: ISAAC KRISPIN ~~ ​​ Choreographer: KATHERINE LYLE ~~ Set Designer: DEREK SMITH ~~ Costume Designer: SHEA O’NEIL ~~ Props Master: MEGAN PRESSLEY ~~ Sound Designer: MATT GREEN ~~ Lighting Designer: MACKENZIE MULLIGAN ~~ Associate Director of Barter Players: BARRETT GUYTON ~~ Artistic Director of Barter Players: KATY BROWN ~~ Corporate Sponsor: Candyland ~~ Media Sponsor: CW ~~ Videos

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